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Garden Design Competition 

RHS Gold Medal Winner 

Industrial garden design consisting of an articulating raw steel structure, which sits vertically and horizontally, and is controlled by people’s responses via Twitter. In this way it is continuously revealing what the landscape is covering, while also remodelling itself. 
The STAN (Science Technology Architecture Networks) research project, is exploring whether architecture is able to reflect and map human emotions.
A Twitter-reactive garden could provide a prototype for the future development of ‘smart’ buildings that can adapt to our emotional state.



Frame 1 Panel Open

Frame 1 Panel Open 3D

Frames closed 3D view

Fabrication Process

Joint detailing

Detailing the mechanism

PV cell development

The garden at Harrogate Flower Show

The garden at Sheffield Garden Up Show

The garden at Sheffield Garden Up Show

Close up of the panels and the garden beneath

The planting

Awarded the Gold Medal

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